Board of Director

Mr. Soe Kyin

Chairman of AKT Group

Managing an oil Mill in the small town of Tanatpin, Bago was the very first experience of entrepreneurship for Mr. Soe Kyin. As a leader of the household at the age of 27, Mr. Soe Kyin faced lots of ups and downs in running a family business had yet to offer. In 1989, he moved to Yangon and started a small trading company with his close friend. After 3-year experience of running a trading company, he decided to form a company, Aung Kyun Thar Company Limited, in 1992. Ever since then Mr. Soe kyin has ventured into exporting of Agriculture products mainly beans and pulses to many countries in Asia regions such as Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, China and India as well as some European countries such as UK, French, Italy and more. He had also ventured into import business such as importing car batteries, tires and lubricants since 2001. His experience of leading a business for more than 40 years have brought the success that Aung Kyun Thar Company, as well as the AKT group, has been upholding in its related field. In 2022, Aung Kyun Thar Company Limited is celebrating 30 years and we are going at its strongest focusing on what we do best: exporting beans, sesames and its related products through our long-term partners in Japan, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia.

Mr. Pye Sone

(Managing Director of AKT Holdings Company Limited)

An electrical engineer educated from University of California, San Diego with a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering and the working experience of more than 8 years, Mr. Pye Sone has moved back to Yangon in 2012. He has the biggest passion for cars and this has led AKT group into importing motor vehicle products such as batteries and lubricants since 2006. Since 2012, Mr. Pye Sone and Ms. Yimon Aye have been the managing leaders of AKT holdings company limited in distributing Mobil branded lubricants in the region of Myanmar. Along with his strength in Sales and technical approaches, our company’s expansion of sales channels has been robust since 2016 targeting many industrial and commercial sectors as well as the consumer sectors along with our capable engineering team to support our clients and their business.

Ms. Yi Mon Aye

Executive Director of AKT Holdings Company Limited

A trained architectural designer educated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with a bachelor degree in Architecture and the working experience of more than 4 years, Ms. Yi Mon Aye has moved back to Yangon in 2010. She has led the new business line of importing Mobil branded lubricants since 2011. Since then, AKT Holdings has been under her leadership along with Mr. Pye Sone in expanding import business under Aung Kyun Thar’s portfolio. Under her leadership, the development of our operations along with yearly upgrades in our approaches towards clientele and team members focusing on long term goals has been growing exponentially every year.